Never lose track of ordered supplies

Easily record receipts for purchased items to ensure your dental practice gets what it needs.

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How it works
Check Items In

When a shipment arrives, inspect each box by comparing it to the order. Method allows you to easily record the quantity received for each item ordered.

Inspect Supplies for Accuracy

Discovering your practice received an incorrect item could cause problems if the mistake isn’t caught early. It’s quick and simple to verify received supplies match placed orders to avoid disruptive surprises.

Record Product Condition

If items arrive damaged, hold suppliers accountable by recording the condition. Add comments to each receipt and upload photos of the damage to keep all proof in one place.

Pay Invoices Accurately

Compare invoices to physical receipt of supplies, preventing improper payments before they occur. Attach a scanned copy of each packing slip, giving you all information needed to verify each invoice.

Method Procurement Features and Benefits
  • Accept and Reject

    Record products in both acceptable and unacceptable condition at an item level.

  • Receipt Progress

    See a summary chart showing the extent of an order that has been received and what’s still on the way.

  • Notes

    Annotate each receipt with comments on item condition and other attributes of the shipment.

  • Packing Slip

    Attach a scanned copy of each packing slip to keep all related documents in one place.

  • History Log

    View an activity log for all receipts against an order to see exactly who received a shipment and when.

  • Invoice Match

    Compare a linked order, receipt, and invoice to make sure you have what you need before paying a supplier.