Track and manage your dental supplies

Every productive dental office needs accurate inventory management to ensure the right materials are in the right place at the right time.

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The Method Procurement platform supports you at each step
Create and Manage a Stock List

An up-to-date stock list is key for running a productive dental practice. Search our industry catalog of more than 350,000 unique dental products to quickly set up your active stock list.

Track Your Stock Levels

A supply shortage could lead to a loss of patient revenue. On the other hand, having too much inventory causes waste, takes up space, and ties up cash unnecessarily. Knowing what you have and where it's located will help you strike the perfect balance.

Reorder Supplies

Method alerts you when stock is low and it’s time to reorder, ensuring you always have your most critical supplies on hand. Managing all of your items from every supplier in a single workflow streamlines the reordering process to save time and money.

Receive and Store

When a product arrives, it’s important to get an accurate count before moving it to its designated storage area. As supplies are used, Method makes it easy to update quantities to maintain an up-to-date stock list.

Method Procurement Features and Benefits
  • Robust industry catalog

    Quickly set up your product list in Method using a database of over 350,000 unique dental products.

  • Complete visibility

    Access real-time information on open orders and pending receipts for each item in “the dental practice’s” inventory.

  • Optimize stock levels

    Keep the right amount of floss, gauze, and bibs on hand to complete procedures without waste or redundancy.

  • Low Stock Alerts

    Method monitors your “dental inventory” stock situation automatically, alerting you to when reordering is needed.

  • Streamlined Ordering

    Integrated reordering from supply lists saves valuable time and ensures accuracy for your most critical stocked items.

  • Flexible Product Search

    See what dental supplies and other non-dental items are in stock at each location by searching by item description, category, manufacturer, and other criteria.

  • Role-based access control

    Provide role-based access to inventory actions by practice, supply closet, and more.

  • Inventory counts

    Perform periodic audits of your stock levels to ensure accuracy and re-calibrate stock levels.

  • Analyses and reporting

    Generate reports of frequently used items, discrepancies, value, low stock, stale stock, and more.

  • Auto-order

    Generate and send purchase orders to vendors automatically with your approval.

Save with Inventory Management
  • Reduce the chance for errors
  • Prevent procedure rescheduling
  • Spend less time reordering stock
  • Eliminate stale or expired stock
  • Limit capital tied up in stock
  • Minimize shipping and expediting costs