Inventory Management Solutions for Dental Practices

Ensure you have the right materials in the right place at the right time with accurate inventory management. Method makes it easy for your team to manage a stock list, reorder supplies, and update on-hand quantities from a single dashboard.

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Does your practice face any of these challenges?
  • Miscoordination among team members when reordering

  • Large staff efforts spent in checking, counting, and reordering stock

  • Inaccurate inventory levels

  • A high degree of capital tied up in inventory

  • Frequently low levels of critical supplies

  • Expensive shipping and expediting

  • Stale, expired, or missing inventory

Method Helps You Move Beyond the Supply Closet

Dental practices turn to us motivated to reduce the high costs of dealing with supplies the old-fashioned way. You need a standard, digital-first approach to automate and streamline the entire process.

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Productive inventory management involves more than just rearranging your supply closet.

The Method Solution

The Method platform provides an integrated, digital
process for all phases of managing inventory.

Gain complete visibility to open orders, pending receipts, and product details for each item in inventory through a single dashboard.

Monitor your stock levels and receive automatic alerts when it's time to reorder so you always have your most critical supplies on hand.

Use a disciplined approval process to generate and send orders to suppliers, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable staff time.

Receive products into inventory quickly while the Method platform verifies any open quantities you're still waiting on.

Generate inventory audit and usage reports to assist with optimizing the stock levels that are best for your practice.

Scan dental-specific barcodes to quickly identify products and their locations when reordering and putting received products in the stockroom.

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Inventory and procurement transformation drives results to your bottom line.

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