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The Fundamentals of Continuous Purchasing Improvement in the Dental Industry

June 1, 2021

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At Method, we believe that achieving true, profit-improving results means keeping it real. Unrealistic expectations and over-designed processes only manage to set you up for failure. Yes, everyone wants to save money. But dental practices come in all different shapes, sizes, and maturity levels. And each has its own distinct objectives, goals, and value systems.

Some look to simply shave pennies off their cost of goods as quickly and easily as possible, while others look to unify spending practices and leverage volumes with long-term strategic purchasing strategies. Although there are fundamental business practices that are good for all, not every practice can or even should do all things.

Your roadmap to success should be a unique one, designed explicitly for you, by you, with a little, or maybe even a lot, of help from us.

Better dental supply procurement is about more than just getting the “best deal.” it’s about doing things right, for the betterment of your practice, and all those who spend their days and their efforts committed to its success.

Best practices and standardized work make for happier workdays while improving your efficiencies allows you and your employees to get on with what they do best, servicing your patients with a smile. Moreover, improving your spend management, gaining tighter control of your finances, and improving profitability ensure the long term viability and growth of your dental practice, and that is simply good for everybody.

To that end, we aim to give you the knowledge base you need to help establish your improvement plan.

The Fundamentals of Continuous Improvement

Finding solutions and implementing better ways of working that optimize your performance and propel your growth requires the widening of ideas and the challenging of mindsets.

As Isaac Newton once famously said,

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

In this series, we dig into the philosophies, tools, and methodologies used by the world’s corporate giants, so we can help you find better ways of doing things. No matter where your starting point, how big or small your dental practice, these principles are relevant and valuable to all.  Visit the links below to learn about the fundamentals of continuous improvement for your dental practice or DSO:

1. Lean Six Sigma for Dental Practices2. Keeping it Simple with Kanban3. Lean Inventory Management for Dental Practices

Our Method, Your Success

Our goal at Method has always been to provide dental practitioners the methods, tools, and information they need to get where they want to go. Whether you’re looking to drive home cost savings at any cost or to improve the management of your dental supplies to reduce risk and improve service levels, Method is here, by your side, every step of the way.

Method was tailor-made for the dental industry,  by people in the dental industry, to help you drive the principles of Lean, so you can reduce your “fatty” costs and improve your bottom line through the elimination of waste, streamline workflows, and improved inventory management.

So, à la Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, help us, help you, so we can “show you the money.”

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your dental practice achieve lean principles!

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