The ultimate method for driving dental supply savings

Dental procurement software that saves BIG while giving you...

  • A one-stop platform for ordering all your dental office supplies
  • Freedom from spreadsheets & more time to focus on the patient experience
  • The industry’s largest dental supply catalog with a cost comparison tool
  • The ability to choose the BEST price by comparing suppliers
  • The tools to manage all items from every supplier in a single workflow
  • Alerts for inventory in a fully integrated platform
  • Full control and management over your dental supplies

Dental practitioners and dental service organizations (DSOs) need to track their inventory to keep their operations running smoothly. Our dental... supply management software makes it possible to stay on top of your supply needs, use funds wisely, and connect your team through a single platform.

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How Our Dental Inventory Management Software Works

Method Procurement's cloud-based solution is built for dental professionals, backed by a dedicated client success team who is passionate about helping you succeed. An easy-to-use interface paired with robust functionality makes ordering dental supplies a breeze. If you've been wondering how to track your dental office supplies inventory, your guessing stops here.

See How Method Works

Method Procurement is revolutionizing the way dental practices operate with a modern approach to spend management.

Why Method

Radically Improved Financial Returns

Private Practice
Midsized DSO
Large DSO

Estimated annual savings based on industry averages

These days, dentists can no longer depend on automatic growth. Financial pressure is mounting, and many organizations are operating with high levels of overhead. Our dental supply management software is more than a platform for providing inventory oversight - it reinvents your approach to finances.

Learn how Method Procurement can help you unlock the hidden value in your spend and deliver new profits to your practice.

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